Ever Wonder What eXp Stand For?

Dated: August 15 2020

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The etymology of a company’s name is always enjoyable to dissect and here at eXp Realty, it’s no different. As a matter of fact, we hear these questions a lot: 

  • What does eXp mean in eXp Realty?
  • What does eXp Realty stand for?
  • Is eXp an acronym?

Simply, eXp was chosen as the name by eXp World Holdings Founder and CEO Glenn Sanford and other leaders who started the company in 2009 because it is the prefix for many words that represent values that eXp Realty stands for. 

For example, words like “excellence,” “exceptional,” “expectations,” “exposure,” “experts,” “exploration,” “expeditiously” and “experienced” are all positive words that support eXp Realty’s core values of integrity, community, service, sustainability, collaboration, innovation, being agile and lastly, fun! 

Listen to Glenn explain how eXp’s name came about and for some real throwback history, take a look at some of the eXp logos submitted during the eXp Logo Design Contest.

Agents Attracted to eXp’s Revenue Model and World-class Tools

The big X in eXp marks the spot where you will find a real estate company that celebrates innovation with a business model of revenue sharing, stock awards and generous commissions. Plus, eXp provides world-class tools so agents and staff can work from anywhere they desire. As a matter of fact, eXp is global and continues its international expansion plans, most recently announcing the intention to establish operations in France, India, Mexico, Portugal and South Africa.

In short, eXp is a real estate company that is agent success obsessed. That means agents are at the forefront of the company and every decision the company makes is with the agent’s success in mind. No wonder industry experts from Swanepoel to Tom Ferry have recognized eXp as the one to watch. 


Read why agents are joining eXp and learn how eXp Realty puts agents first.

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